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Mark P Testimonial

05/16/2016 16:15 pm

We've been with Moon Bros. Landscaping since mid-2011 and we still are.  Happily.  

This is truly a pro outfit.  The job they do is impeccable and utmost care is taken to see that everything is completed as agreed upon and when their teams leave, your surround puts you in the midst of a well manicured wonderland.
Moon Brothers Landscaping is not inexpensive but they would still fall into a competitive price range, and you certainly do get what you pay for.

One of Moon Brothers' most invaluable human assets (from the customer standpoint) is their landscape designer, advisor, liaison, horticultural specialist and all-around terrific person, Anne Lieb.  Anne has been of immeasurable assistance helping to guide us through a variety of projects we've had Moon Brothers do, and she makes the process a delight.  

In summary, my wife and I highly recommend Moon Brothers Landscaping to anyone who's after a quality result which will enhance your home's exterior appearance, both from the aesthetic and functional standpoints, incorporating the appropriate attention you'd want paid to the durability and viability of their work.

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